domingo, 9 de setembro de 2007

Look at the moon ...and suddenly i feel the death

Looking at the pale moon i saw my dreams come true,

with a little air of melancoly planting seeds of destruction,

Come unto me as a morning star that never goes away

A smell of violets falling from the firmament like a orgiastic dance,

And I wonder myself into the deep area of circulation.

A scarecrow passed behind my naked eyes and takes all my angels

for walking in a distant lands that never will be forgotten.

So i felt dawn is a pale moon, fall down like hurting birds without no voice

And suddenly all that scares goes with the fog for a hundred miles away

In the deep down of the oceans and I …

So out of control as you speak so louder and so proud

Just like the voices that never stop crying´

Surrounded for the firmament

And once more time looking at moon

Judgement is open reveiling my pure sadness

That never goes away

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