domingo, 31 de agosto de 2008

distant ways

A candle is shining
Revealing secret feelings in my mind
Hope and a will devoted for a “desire”,
A desire that never goes away
Under my skin, over my body,
All the shadows disappear
With the taste of a desire

Beyond all fantasies,
The horsemen come across the desert,
For find a lost oasis,
The princess stays under nightmares,
In a hope of the charmed be broken,
And all your fears turn into sweet poetries

A pale rain falls down,
Covering my dreams
Of reflections about a mankind
Is there a hope for love?
Or just empty words and illusions
So i play my guitar
For giving me any solitude
For this feelings that never goes away

Beyond all sorrows
And distant of my world
A rebel rider comes to me
And show me a treasure
Just simple words and a “desire”
A “desire” that never goes away

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